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CHOI Young-Shin / 최영신


Blurred Lines I

Birth Y: 1970 Birth C: KOREA (South) Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Electronics

First perf.: May 30, 2010, UCSC Music Center Recital Hall (Santa Cruz, CA), United States

Duration: 08:33

Perf. Country: UNITED STATES

Context: Electronic Music Synesthesia

Instruments: Electronics


Prog. notes: Blurred Lines I is written for electronics (fixed media). This work abstractly depicts the sonic/
visual images of three Japanese and Korean cities I traveled in the past. The sound samples
used are mostly from Korean traditional instruments and random city noise. And, it was
processed in creative ways using various filtering techniques. In the video, I especially explored
various digital rendering techniques to create images with vivid mixture of cityscapes using
MaxMSP Jitter.

Editor: M.B./ MW