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CHAN Joshua Kam-biu / 陳錦標


Innerutterance / 細語內心
[xi yu nei xin]

Birth Y: 1962 Birth C: HONG KONG Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Performer(s): Tony Wheeler

First perf.: University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 4 March 1991

Duration: 8:12

Perf. Country: HONG KONG

Context: Concert \"Positron Concert Series I\"

Instruments: Clarinet and stereophonic tape

Media: CD

Prog. notes: Innerutterance evokes feelings of sorrow and despair. The grief is suggested firstly by the slow, regular beating of a bass drum, which evokes the sound of a human heart beat while providing a timing reference for the soloist. It is a distressed heart, as implied by the choral-like timbre and interwoven harmonic progression of the tape accompaniment. While five independent parts move, one note at a time, every 0.5 seconds, providing a basic rhythmic background of quintuplet quavers within a 4/4 environment (each bar is 2.5 seconds long), the drum beat is being fed through a delay unit whose parameters (delay time & delay feedback time) are constantly changing. Furthermore, the clarinet part in this 3.5 minute section has ad lib repeated notes. Thus the overall effect of the ensemble is not felt as regular, even though the drum beat is constant. The unexpected musical climax that follows this melancholic section describes an emotional outburst where the inner moan becomes a surprising bawl. The sombre four-note clarinet figure taken from the opening of the piece is re-introduced immediately after the climax, and is then the motivic nucleus for the rest of the piece. The integrity of musical phrasing and sectional design is gradually broken down into short segments or consecutive notes until both the clarinet and tape parts carry, at the end of the piece, only sorrowful long notes.


Editor: Ka Lun CHEUNG

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