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LI MengYao / 刘梦遥


Windy Valley / 风谷

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Media Specification: Mixed music

First perf.: Festival Musicacoustica, Beijing, 2011-10-29

Duration: 06:40

Perf. Country: CHINA

Prog. notes: 两山之间的低凹处,狭窄,僻远幽闲之所。风从四处降临,却不知来处。间或有窸窣声音,远处也唱着音,谷中应有人隐居,遍寻不到踪迹,只听闻风的动静。

In the lowland between two mountains, the valley is narrow, remote, distant . The wind blew from all quarters, while the source cannot be found. On occasion the rustling and some sounds which sounds like the songs come from the distance. In this deep valley there shall be someone,who lives a isolated life alone, whose track is a mystery, only the track of the winds could be found.
The tone and breath of Xiao act as the main element in this work. Though making the sounds transformative by electrical music technology, the sounds and wind can be combined in a perfect way, which create the atmosphere of mystery, deep and quiet.
This work consists of 3 paragraphs. Paragraph A and B are relatively free. This work begin with the melody of Xiao, and then the sound of breath and electrical music come into the paragraph B. The relation of the electrical music and Xiao are parallel in the last paragraph.

Editor: Zhao Rui