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WANG XiHao / 王熙皓


Xuan Wu / 玄武

Birth Y: 1988 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Media Specification: Mixed music

First perf.: Festival Musicacoustica, Beijing, 2011-10-29

Duration: 11:02

Perf. Country: CHINA

Prog. notes: 玄 武

本曲在创作中参照了唐大曲结构特征。作品在整体上既可以看成由十个小段落组成的多段体结构,又可以分为“散序、中序、破”三个大的乐章。其中,电子音乐和传统打击乐器的声音色彩组合,代表着大的“阴”与“阳”的一虚一实。而真实乐器和电子声音又同时具备各自小的“阴阳”面,例如传统打击乐器主要包括皮质(排鼓、大鼓)和铜质(锣 磬 镲)两类不同材质的乐器,象征着“阴阳”的一暗一明。
作品以Protools为创作平台,所有电子音乐变形材料均来自于真实打击乐器采样,大量运用Max/MSP,GRM Tools等软件进行声音合成与变形。作者在创作中充分挖掘各类声音的色彩性与表现力,希望通过具体的声音,抽象的表现及浪漫的写意创造出“阴阳”对话的“虚拟空间”。作品在演奏上充分发挥传统打击乐器的技巧,并自创了一些演奏技法(如摩擦鼓皮,边击鼓侧等),以追求更加丰富的音乐效果。对于打击乐手来说,掌握灵活性与对比性也是至关重要的。

Xuan Wu
——For Chinese traditional percussion and electronic acoustic music
Xuan Wu, as a meaning of god in Chinese culture, represents the combination of "Yin" and "Yang". This conception has always been applied in sacrifice or courtesy ceremonies. Such a deep connotation demonstrates the same deep meaning of Chinese culture. Just as a coin has two sides, everything in the universe exists in the argument of "Yin" and "Yang". The composer intend to express the inner thought towards the title " Xuan Wu".
The structure refers to a special format which lived in Tang Dynasty and has eleven small parts. The electronic acoustic music stands at the side of "Yin". Oppositely, the traditional percussion performs as the other side of "Yang".

The work was completed on Logic Pro. The sound materials came from samples of real percussion instruments and were transformed and synthesized allied with Max/Msp and GRM Tools. Composer fully exploited the timbre and expression power of each kind of

Editor: Zhao Rui