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QIAO Yang / 乔杨


Coins falling / 坠落的硬币

Gender: Male

Media Specification: Applied

First perf.: Festival Musicacoustica, Beijing, 2011-10-29

Duration: 04:17

Perf. Country: CHINA

Prog. notes: The main works of the most sampled sounds from the real sound of coins, the use of electronic music production tools, soft sampling platform (Kontakt) and a large number of audio processing tools reflect sampling variability as well as the sound of money and life themes elaborated.
Works by the voice of the main line of coins throughout the whole song, first of all, works in a different pan of the original sound of coins and deformed samples leads to the first rhythm section sound, the use of cut collage, sound distortion (pitchshift, adjust the EQ, Flange and other means), sound phase adjustment means in different frequency bands using sequencer compiled a similar way to the rhythm of percussion type.

Point-like sound through a short set after the second rhythm section, during the extensive use of similar deformation of the human voice the voice of inspiration, the money is intended to imply complex relationships between people, during the main advantage of Kontakt platform,