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SUN Yuming / 孙宇明


Bali Sunshine / 巴厘阳光

Birth Y: 1988 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Applied

First perf.: Festival Musicacoustica, Beijing, 2010-10

Duration: 03:04

Perf. Country: CHINA

Publisher: RenminYinYue

Media: CD

Prog. notes: 这是一首世界音乐作品,创作思路来源于一期关于巴厘岛的摄影专题。在创作的过程中,作者力求赋予音乐以鲜明的画面感与色彩感,并试图将摄影中构图与景深的概念融入音乐的整体架构。作品中人声素材的采样过程均为作者独立完成,人声的应用在使音乐元素的多样化得以加强的同时,也为作品增添了些许人文色彩。

is a New Age Music composition, and the creative inspiration came from a series of photographs about Bali’s charming view. During the creation process of this work, the composer did his best to add a picturesque feeling and vibrant colors to the music, and tried to integrate the concepts related to composition of a picture and depth of focus into the arrangement of structure. The whole procedure of sampling the human voice material was finished by the composer independently. While enhancing the variety of music elements, the use of human voice also injected some humanistic spirit into the music.

Editor: Zhao Rui