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UNAMI Taku / 宇波拓


Kitsune 5

Birth Y: 1976 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

First perf.: Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, USA, Dec. 10 2006-April 29 2007

Duration: 09:13

Perf. Country: UNITED STATES

Context: Super Vision exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston


Prog. notes: "Kitsune" is Unami's series of compositions that focus on limited materials and simple time structures. The airiness of the recording emphasizes the acoustic nature of the sounds produced, but the mechanical rhythms and apoetic structure belie the electronic source of the music. The uneasy marriage of these two elements evokes a kind of enchanted world of personified utensils that is as likely to produce a Duchampian smirk as a stargazer's awe.

Editor: M.B.