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MOROI Makoto / 諸井誠

Electronic Music - Regarding the Question of the NHK Electronic Music Studio / 電子音楽 NHK電子音楽スタジオの問題を中心に / Denshi ongaku - NHK denshi ongaku sutajio o chûshin ni

Edition: Ongaku geijutsu (Art of Music), special edition "Music of the 20st Century"
音楽藝術 臨時増刊 「20世紀の音楽」
Vol. 22 no. 2, January 1964, pp. 252-257

Date: 1964

Region: JAPAN

Origin: JAPAN

Type of media: Article

Language: Japanese

Editor: Jeremy CORRAL


The author writes about the technological and technical difficulties to produce music in the NHK Electronic music studio in the early times. He considers the year 1962 as a fresh start for the studio, as the difficulties tend to be fixed.