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FUJITA Masami, HAMASAKI Kimio / 藤田昌巳, 濱崎公男

NHK shin denshi ongaku sutajio no gaiyō / NHK新電子音楽スタジオの概要 / An insight into the NHK new Electronic Music studio

Edition: Hōsō gijutsu 放送技術 (Broadcasting Technique), vol. 50 no. 5, may 1997, pp. 128-135.

Date: 1997

Region: JAPAN

Origin: JAPAN

Type of media: Article

Language: Japanese

Editor: Jeremy CORRAL

Comment: The entire digitalization of the Electronic Music production process at the NHK this year puts an end to the "traditional" electronic creative work, consisting of tape manipulations, started in 1954 in the NHK premises.

The authors, technicians at the NHK, present the new digital work environment at the NHK Electronic Music studio.