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KAWASAKI Kōji, SHIMURA Satoshi / 川崎弘二, 志村哲

Survey of Music Electronic Composed in Tokyo NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) (1952-1968) / NHK東京において制作された電子音楽の調査(1952~1968年) / NHK Tōkyō ni oite seisaku sareta denshi ongaku no chōsa (1952 kara 1968 nen)

Edition: Journal - Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences. vol. 8, 2016, pp. 122-137

Date: 2017

Region: JAPAN

Origin: JAPAN

Type of media: Article

Language: Japanese

Editor: Jeremy CORRAL

Comment: The rest of the article will eventually be published in the next volume of the journal in 2018.

History of the NHK Electronic Music studio from 1952 to 1968, based on an investigation of historical audiovisual material carried out at the NHK archives in Tokyo.