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KIM Seunghun, Nam Juhan / 김승훈, 남주훈

Augmenting Room Acoustics and System Interaction for Intentional Control of Audio Feedback

Edition: International Computer Music Association(University of Michigan Library)

Date: 2015

Region: KOREA (South)


Type of media: Review

Language: English

Editor: Hana.DO


This paper presents the interactive enhancement of audio feed-back through context-based control, leading to the generation of desired sonic behaviors by augmenting the effets of physical space in the feedback sound. Our prototype maps approximations of room reverberation to tempo-scale characteristics of audio feedback. These characteristics are generated by a combination of adaptive amplification control and a digital variable delay line in the feedback loop. Room reverberation is inferred from the feedback sound by real-time cross-correlation of input with output signals, which is used to guide the variable delay line. This variation, coupled with an adaptive gain control, determines room-dependent tempo effets.