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NAKAMURA Shigenobu / 中村 滋延

Music for 12 Players and Electronic Sounds composed by Shiro KON : About the Characteristic and Features in the Composition Technique / 今史朗《12人の奏者と電子音のための音楽》 : その作曲技法上の特徴について

Edition: Geijutsu Kogaku: the Journal of Design 21, 31-39,

Date: 2014

Region: JAPAN

Origin: JAPAN

Type of media: Article

Language: Japanese

Editor: Tamamo Nagai


This paper is a musical analysis of Music for 12 Players and Electronic Sounds, composed by Shiro Kon in 1964, with the aim of highlighting its unique characteristics and features. In addition, this paper offers an article of Kon's compositional activities in Fukuoka in his efforts to compose electronic music at a time when the technology and facilities were limited. Kon worked tirelessly at the forefront of contemporary music and strove to create a new musical standard. My analysis of Kon's work shows the following features. (1) Tone rows are used in the pitch structure of the electronic music. (2) There is a close relationship between the pitches performed by musical instruments and those performed electronically, and both seem to be fully integrated. (3) Elements of "textural composition" are recognizable in the parts performed by musical instruments. (4) In certain portions, the music performed on instruments is digitized, forming the foundations for modern live computer music.