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LI Jia / 李嘉

On the Characteristics of Electronic Music Composition Thinking in Acoustic Media - From Composes Who Explored in The Field of Electronic Music Creating China’s Contemporary Electroacoustic Music / 电子音乐创作思维在声学乐器中的实现特征
——从具有电子音乐工作经验的作曲家谈起 / Diànzǐ yīnyuè chuàngzuò sīwéi zài shēngxué yuèqì zhōng de shíxiàn tèzhēng
——cóng jùyǒu diànzǐ yīnyuè gōngzuò jīngyàn de zuòqǔ jiā tán qǐ

Edition: Proceedings of the Seventh Electroacoustic Music Studies Network conference, Shanghai, 2010. On line: http://www.ems-network.org/spip.php?rubrique53.

Date: 2010

Region: CHINA

Origin: CHINA

Type of media: Article

Language: Chinese

Editor: M.B.


Combing through roughly the mid-20th century to experience an electronic music composer and music representative works of electronic music related concepts, practices reflect long on the angle analysis of acoustic instruments work, summed therein reflect material integration, micro-elements, structured gradually change certain general characteristics, which shows the development of electronic music composer and a number of its practices, and effectively promote and deepen the modern music of material design, development practices, etc. The exploration and practice, help to further understand the changes of 20th century musical language.
Keywords: 20th century; electronic music; music; Ligeti; Stockhausen; Berio

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