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HE Jingyin He, Ajay KAPUR and Dale A. CARNEGIE

Contemporary Practices of Extending Traditional Asian Instruments Using Technology

Edition: Organised Sound 19(2), 136-145

Date: 2014

Region: ASIA

Origin: UK

Type of media: Article

Language: English

Editor: M.B.


Ongoing development of audio and informational technology
has had an impact on almost every aspect of the musical arts.
Cultures and subcultures have cross-pollinated through the
rapid exchange of information and have metamorphosed into
new fields of technology-based art forms, one of which is the
integration of technology in Asian ethnic musics. This article
specifically focuses on the integration of technology with the
traditional music of India, Indonesia, China, Japan and
Korea. By reviewing the history of this metier, we explore the
various applications of technology in traditional Asian music
and its future.