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Subjam / 撒把芥末 / Sā bǎ jièmò

Edition: Web site, blog and sound art in China. Web site: http://www.subjam.org

Date: 2002

Region: CHINA

Origin: CHINA

Type of media: Review

Language: Chinese/English

Editor: M.B.


Sub Jam is an experimental art organization. mainly it publish and curate event for music and sound. also involve to poetry, visual art and other materials in hands.
founded by Yan Jun in 2000 as Sub Jam Records (铁托 Tie Tuo). in 2004 Yan Jun and Christiaan Virant founded Kwanyin Records as its sub-label.

it has continually trying to define itself and invent itself.
it is experiments for life of a group of people. they are trying to build relationship with Reality and activate being.

Sub Jam is a guerrilla organization. non-profit, self-founded and loose-structure. there are many members (or: volunteers) work in different periods. they modeled Sub Jam:
Yan Jun, Liu E, Wu Quan, Zhang Jian, Christiaan Virant, Wang Fan, Shizi, Shenggy, Xi Xi (Chen Hui), Ruan Qianrui, Frankie Su, Shi Yang, Wang Yingjiao, Cui Lei, Lulu Chow, Qiao Qiao, He Xiaoyu, Wang Xuliang, Ma Jia, Feng Hao, Jupiter Xu Yazhu, Lao Yang, Liu Kai, Li Zenghui, Wang Ziheng…
Partners: Zeng Rong (2000-2004), Kou Dai (2001-2003), Sugar Jar (2005- ); 2Kolegas Bar (2005- ), Pangbianr.com (2010- ), BM Space (2011- )…