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LI Lawrence, Dajuin YAO

Global Noise Online


Date: 0000

Region: CHINA

Origin: CHINA

Type of media:

Language: English

Editor: M.B.

Comment: Blog. Seems discontinued (28/05/2014)

Global Noise Online (since 2005.10) is an information centre for sound art and new media art, with an emphasis on China and other developing areas in the world.

GNO is devoted to bridging the gap between the sound art & new media art scenes of developing countries and the western perception of them. It serves as a centralized information pool of the scenes in countries that, despite their emerging creativity in the realm of sound art & new media art, suffer from the lack of wider exposure due to political inferiority.

GNO does not pretend to be an “objective” blog; what you read here are not all “pure, non-biased information,” if such a thing exists at all. Comments from individuals are welcome (as in most blogs). Nevertheless, we don’t have bigotry towards any artist, genre or organization. It is our mission to provide a full spectrum of information about the media art scenes of the developing areas.

GNO is a Threshold production and became part of Chinese New Ear on Jan 29, 2006 (Chinese New Year’s day). The old version of GNO can still be found at globalnoiseonline.wordpress.com. Currently, GNO has two contributors: Lawrence Li and Dajuin Yao.

http://www.chinesenewear.com/gno target=_blank id='activeurl'>http://web.archive.org/web/20110602181941/http://www.chinesenewear.com/gno