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SHI Wenhua, YAO Dajuin / 姚大鈞

Revolutions Per Minute. RPM : Ten Years of Sound Art in China

Edition: Hamilton (NY), Colgate University. Web site: http://rpm13.com

Date: 2013

Region: CHINA


Type of media: Article

Language: Chinese/English

Editor: M.Battier

Comment: The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation | Visiting Artist in Residence | Colgate University

Revolutions Per Minute will feature new and existing works by 30 Chinese sound artists, including Wang Changcun, Xu Cheng (a member of the renowned Shanghai noise group Torturing Nurse), Yan Jun, and Samson Young. Wang Changcun, Xu Cheng, Samson Young, Qu Qianwen, and Xie Zhongqi will be in residence at Colgate throughout the duration of the exhibition. Along with the exhibition’s curators Wenhua Shi and Dajuin Yao, these artists-in-residence will present live sound art performances during the opening week of the exhibition, including improvisations, inter-media performances, and circuit bending. They will also conduct demonstrations on sound art workshops throughout the course of the exhibition

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