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LU Minjie / 陆敏捷

The New Notion of Algorithmic Pattern’s Application in the Sound Design of Interactive Electronic Music / 交互式电子音乐声音设计中算法模式应用之新理念

Edition: eArt Digital Audio Competition and Seminar 2010

Date: 2010

Region: CHINA

Origin: CHINA

Type of media: Article

Language: Chinese

Editor: ZHAO BAI


This article focuses on the sound design of interactive music composition. The algorithm pattern and rational thought exert great influence on electronic music. As the foundation of interactive music composition and performance, algorithmic program is also of vital importance to sound design. The author analyzes the pieces of live electronic music composed in Max/MSP, and methods of sound process with algorithmic idea. This way, the writer demonstrates the significance of algorithmic pattern be of to compose the creative and various interactive electronic music.