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HWANG Hooshik / 황훈식*

A study of Sukhi Kang's Inventio for Piano and Electronic Sound

Edition: D.M.A. Dissertation, University of North Texas, 48p.

Date: 2007

Region: KOREA (South)


Type of media: Grey

Language: English

Editor: M.B.


This comprehensive study of Inventio for Piano and Electronic Sound by contemporary Korean composer Sukhi Kang focuses on how the composer transforms music with Korean traditional rhythmic elements into electronic sound, and how he combines the electronic sound with piano. The study aims to aid performers and audiences in understanding and appreciating the work.

Besides providing a biography of Kang, including lists of his other compositions and significant performances and recordings, this study provides detailed information about books, articles, and academic publications by and about Kang. Interviews with the composer provide first-hand instructions for performers on how to play Inventio . All examples are from the score.