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Summer Rain. Part I. "Summer Rain - Dawn" for two-channel tape. Part II. "After the Summer Rain" for piano and two-channel tape

Edition: D.M.A. Dissertation, University of North Texas, 95p.

Date: 2001

Region: JAPAN


Type of media: Liner notes

Language: English

Editor: M.B.


This dissertation contains five chapters: (1) Introduction, (2) Basic Digital Processing Used in Summer Rain , (3) Part I Summer Rain - Dawn , (4) Part II After the Summer Rain and (5) Conclusion.

Introduction contains a brief historical background of musique concrète, Electronische Musik, acousmatic music and music for instruments and tape, followed by basic descriptions of digital technique used in both parts of Summer Rain in Chapter 2. Also Chapter 2 describes software used in Summer Rain including "Kawamoto's VST," which is based on MAX/MSP, to create new sounds from the recorded samples using a Macintosh computer. In both Chapter 3 and 4, Kawamoto discusses a great deal of the pre-compositional stage of each piece including inspirational sources, especially Rainer Maria Rilke's poems and Olidon Redon's paintings, as well as her visual and sound imageries. In addition Chapter 3 she talks about sound sources, pitch, form and soundscape. Chapter 4 contains analysis on pitch in the piano part, rhythm, form and the general performance practice. Chapter 5 is a short conclusion of her aesthetics regarding Summer Rain , which is connected to literature, visual art and her Japanese cultural background.