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SHIOTA Kazuaki


Edition: D.M.A. Dissertation, Division of Composition, Music History, and Theory of the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, 86p.

Date: 2012

Region: JAPAN


Type of media: Grey

Language: English

Editor: M.B.


Iroha, composed by Kazuaki Shiota, is a composition for dance and Human Motion Wind Chimes. The goal is to explore the interdisciplinary collaboration between music and dance with technology. The name of the composition is derived from the Japanese traditional poem, Iroha, which is attributed to Buddhism and consists of a perfect pangram. The structure for the choreography of this composition, choreographed by Karen Wissel, follows the word order of the poem, in which the phrases of choreography were created based on the shapes or meanings of the 47 Japanese syllabaries. Human Motion Wind Chimes is a software-based interactive sound system that Shiota created for making a sonic environment in which dancers' movements, captured by cameras, trigger various kinds of sounds. Each measure in the score, containing the sound parameters of Human Motion Wind Chimes, directly corresponds to each phrase of choreography.