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CHEN Hui-Mei / 陳惠湄

The Electro-acoustic Music in the Higher Education in Taiwan – Its Evolution and Its Reception

Edition: Proceedings of the Electroacoustic Music Studies Conference, Paris, 5 p.

Date: 2008

Region: FRANCE

Origin: TAIWAN

Type of media: Article

Language: English

Editor: M.B.


Though the history of the Western Music in Taiwan is brief, the musicians on this island always strive to catch the recent tendencies of the Western musical world. Since the 1960’s, some pioneers had tried to bring the electro-acoustical elements into their works already, yet we waited until 1988 to see the establishment of the firstHui-Mei CHEN studio and the teaching of electro-acoustic music in the University specified in the field of Telecommunication and technology science in Taiwan : the NCTC (National Chiao Tung University). Nowadays, more and more universities in Taiwan offer courses of electro-acoustic music in their programs. However the majority of these courses focus mostly on the learning of software. Even though the young generations in Taiwan are familiar with some software designed to produce electronic musical sound, the number of musical creations of Taiwanese composers supported by computer is still small. There are some who approach the new technology with enthusiasm and others who consider it a necessary requirement only to become a ‘modern’ composer. In Taiwan, the conceptions and attitudes toward the electro-acoustic music are much diversified.
After a brief presentation of the development of the electro-acoustic music in the higher education in Taiwan, this communication will concentrate on the case of NCTU as an example of its evolution. It also discusses the divergences of the conceptions and the receptions of this music in the higher education in Taiwan.


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