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HUANG Chih-Fang, LIN En-Ju / 黃志方

The Aesthetic and Technical Discussion for the Pipa and Electroacoustic Music "Image I"

Edition: Proceedings of Asia Computer Music Project 2011, JSSA 11th meeting/ACMP 2011, Tokyo, Asia Computer Music Project

Date: 2011

Region: TAIWAN

Origin: TAIWAN

Type of media: Article

Language: English

Editor: M.B.


Although contemporary music composition follows new technology and sonority, from an aesthetic view, the ancient Chinese instrument pipa is perfectly matched with the electroacoustic music, due to its alienation to most of the modern audience. This paper introduces Chih-Fang Huang’s piece “Image I” for pipa and electroacoustic music composition. The unique articulation of the pipa allows its rich timbre be properly integrated with the various electroacoustic sound samples. Some composition and analysis techniques for both pipa and electroacoustics will be introduced, and the aesthetic thinking will be discussed in the paper too.