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HUANG Chih-Fang, LIAO Jin-Ting / 黃志方

A Study on Taiwanese Bei Guan Automated Composition Based on Rhythm Complexity and Markov Chain Analysis

Edition: Proceedings of Asia Computer Music Project 2011, JSSA 11th meeting/ACMP 2011, Tokyo, Asia Computer Music Project

Date: 2011

Region: JAPAN

Origin: TAIWAN

Type of media: Abstract

Language: English

Editor: M.B.


In traditional Taiwanese music, not much information is recorded for percussion instruments. There is a very small amount of research for gongs and drums in Taiwanese music. This research tries to analyze rhythm of Bei Guan music by using rhythm complexity measure, to find out its attributes and similarities, and then to perform the similar and automated composition of Bei Guan music. The result of the research shows the possibility to preserve and promote Taiwanese Bei Guan Music with automated composition techniques.